Update on pool closure at Bilston - Bert Williams

We would like to update you about the main pool at Bilston - Bert Williams which is currently closed due to glass contamination. We have started work on removing the broken glass from the pool, and would like to inform members about the full process, as this is likely to take some time.

The pool temperature is currently being dropped and chemicals are being neutralised to allow us to drain the pool safely. Draining the pool can take up to five days due to the volume of water. We have to do this carefully as emptying the water too quickly can damage the pool structure, rip off tiles and delay re-opening.

When it is empty we will deep clean the pool to ensure every glass shard is removed. We are also taking this opportunity to repair the ceiling which will take no longer than two days.

The pool will then take up to five days to be refilled and we have to do this slowly to protect the structure. When the temperature and chemical balance have reached the correct levels, we will then be able to re-open.

This is the Swim England approved and industry standard procedure to ensure all glass shards are safely removed from the pool. Although this will take longer than we had hoped, we are very clear that customer safety is our top priority.

If there are no complications, we plan to re-open the pool week commencing 15 April 2019. We will keep you updated with the progress.

Until the pool re-opens, we have made alternative arrangements for our customers and would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Temporary studio pool timetable

We will be operating the studio pool on a revised timetable whilst the main pool is closed. The revised timetable can be found on our website and will be updated regularly.Click here to view the timetable. The rest of the centre is open as normal.

Use of pool at WV Active Central

WV Active members are reminded that the use of the pool at WV Active Central is included in membership cost. Please check Central's pool timetable to see if any swimming galas are taking place before attending.

Use of pool at Wolverhampton Swimming and Fitness Centre (Bentley Bridge)

We have been working with Wolverhampton Swimming and Fitness Centre to allow WV Active members access to public swimming whilst the main pool at Bilston is closed.

WV Active members will be required to display their membership card at reception of Wolverhampton Swimming and Fitness Centre and will be allowed to access public swimming sessions only. Members will not be charged by Wolverhampton Swimming and Fitness Centre for this.

Address: Wolverhampton Swimming and Fitness Centre, Planetary Road, Wolverhampton WV13 3SW

Swimming lessons

Parents of children whose swimming lessons have been cancelled will be contacted directly by phone or email. If you have received no communication about your child’s lessons, they will be going ahead as normal and will be held in the studio pool.

Further Information

More information will appear here soon. In the meantime, please call 01902 551010 if you require immediate assistance.