Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. WV Active is a registered trademark of the City of Wolverhampton Council. Your agreement will be with the City of Wolverhampton Council.
    2. This agreement commences when you indicate your acceptance on the web sign up process or when you register for Membership at one of the WV Active Facilities.
    3. WV Active Memberships enables you to use all three WV Active Facilities (Aldersley, Bilston-Bert Williams and Central), subject to the conditions of your chosen Membership Package.
    4. The use of sauna and steam room is complimentary for all Membership Packages.
    5. WV Active Members are required to complete a medical screening form prior to using any Health & Fitness Suites.
    6. You cannot transfer this agreement to anyone else.
  2. Use of WV Active Membership Card
    1. You will be issued with a card/easy band which must only be used by you. It is compulsory to have a photo ID entered onto the WV Active Membership system otherwise entry will not be permitted.
    2. The card/easy band must be produced at reception or via the fast track systems, as well as at specified access points on each visit in order to gain access. WV Active is unable to allow access to the Facilities if you do not turn up with a valid WV Active membership card/ easy band.
    3. Should you lose or misplace your WV Active membership card or easy band, a replacement can be purchased at reception for a fee of £3 per card or £4.00 per easy band.
  3. Membership Payments
    1. WV Active offers various types of Membership Packages to people aged 16 or over.
    2. Membership Packages are subject to change in line with WV Active’s pricing review. Existing annual agreements will not be affected.
    3. Monthly Memberships are paid via Direct Debit and will continue until WV Active is notified in accordance with 6.2.1 below.
    4. On applying for your Monthly Membership, you are required to make an initial payment which will depend upon the date you select for your monthly Direct Debit payment.
    5. You must register your bank details to set up a direct debit instruction, Please note that not all bank accounts support Direct Debits (for example some savings accounts and non-uk accounts).
    6. WV Active collects direct debit payments on the 1st of every month. These dates will vary if the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or a bank holiday.
    7. WV Active is not responsible for any fees incurred if collection dates vary. It is your responsibility to ensure that the required funds are available date or risk the payment defaulting.
    8. If a Direct Debit is returned unpaid for whatever reason, we will automatically change your Direct Debit to cash payment to be paid on your next visit to our Facilities; you will not be allowed to use our Facilities until the unpaid amount has been paid.
    9. We will attempt to contact you to let you know what has happened by email or telephone, however despite us having notified you of a missed payment, if a subsequent payment is then missed, we reserve the right to terminate your membership.
  4. Changing your bank details
    1. If you are changing banks and wish to continue to pay for your Membership by Direct Debit, you need to contact your new bank and instruct them to switch all Direct Debits to your new account.
  5. Annual Memberships
    1. An annual membership must be paid for in advance, as part of your Membership Application by debit card/credit card/cash or cheque. WV Active’s annual membership is best suited for customers who wish to use our facilities for a fixed period or customers who do not have a bank account that supports direct debits. The Annual Membership entitles the customer to 12 months for the price of 11 months and is only available to our standard memberships (this excludes concessions, over 60’s and corporate).
    2. Subject to 6.2.3 (below), If you decide to leave before the end of the fixed contract, your membership will not be refunded and cannot be froze.
  6. Cancellation Policy
    1. Cancellations within 14 days.
      1. At the commencement of your Membership Package you are entitled to cancel for any reason within fourteen (14) days.
      2. If you choose to cancel within fourteen (14) days we will give you a full refund or any fees paid subject to the value of any usage (including cost of induction) being deducted from the refund.
      3. If you want to cancel within fourteen (14) days you should write (letter or email) to the WV Active Membership Team.
    2. Cancellation after 14 days
      1. If at any point, you wish to cancel your WV Active Monthly Membership, you must contact the WV Active Membership Team in writing (letter or email) giving us a 30 day notice prior to your next Direct Debit due date.
        For example, a customers Direct Debit is collected by WV Active on the 8th of each month. WV Active is notified (by letter or email) that the customer wishes to cancel their Monthly Membership on 1st February. This means that the customer has given a 30 day notice prior to their next Direct Debit due date and so, their Direct Debit for the next month (8th March) will not proceed. However, if you fail to give us a 30 day notice prior to your next Direct Debit due date then the full payment for the next month will proceed.

        For example, a customers Direct Debit is collected by WV Active on the 1st of each month. WV Active is notified (by letter or email) that the customer wishes to cancel their Monthly Membership on 15th March. This means that the customer has not given a 30 day notice prior to their next Direct Debit due date and so, their Direct Debit for the next month (1st April) will proceed. However, the customer will be able to use the facilities until the end of April.
      2. You are not entitled to a refund of any payments paid prior to your cancellation.
      3. You may cancel any of your Membership Package for the following reasons only:
        (a) Serious illness;
        (b) Serious injury;
        (c) Redundancy; and
        (d) Upon receipt of a letter/email detailing any special circumstances to be considered by WV Active
      4. Classes and activities must be cancelled 24 hours in advance of them taking place. You can make a cancellation by:
        - Logging into your online account at or via the mobile app
        - Emailing
        - Speaking to reception staff in centre
        - Calling customer services on 01902 551010
  7. Concessions and Corporate schemes
    1. Should you purchase a WV Active package as part of an approved concession or corporate scheme, you are agreeing to provide at time of purchase or upon collection of your membership card, proof to validate your application of the package. A full list of concession and corporate proof required can be found via this link.
  8. Changing Membership Package
    1. You may change your Membership Package dependent on providing a 30 day notice
  9. Suspension of Use
    1. Any person discovered to have obtained a WV Active membership card on the basis of false or deliberately misleading statements and/or providing false documentation will have their card revoked. Refunds will not apply in such circumstances.
    2. WV Active reserves the right to refuse admission or to terminate a card holder’s activity/ session in event of behaviour determined by the Facility to be unacceptable. Please refer to Behaviour policy.
    3. Membership cards must be used to gain entry and must be used by the registered user only. Any fraudulent use of the card will result in the cancellation of your membership with immediate effect, and no refunds will be given.
    4. If WV Active have reasonable grounds for believing that you knowingly provided your membership card to another individual or individuals, or allowed unauthorised entry following your entry to the gym (known as tailgating) in addition to our rights referred to in clause 9.3, we may hold you responsible for the conduct of the individual(s) while on WV Active’s premises, and liable for any loss we suffer as a consequence of that conduct.
  10. Liability
    1. WV Active will not be liable for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations, under this agreement that is caused by any event that is beyond our reasonable control.
    2. WV Active will not be liable for Facilities not being available.
    3. In the absence of any negligence or any other breach of duty imposed by Law, the use by any person of any of the Facilities including its equipment or machinery is entirely at the person’s risk.
    4. WV Active will not be liable for any loss or damage case to you or your property in the Facilities unless that loss or damage was caused by our negligence.
  11. Data Protection
    1. WV Active will record any personal information you give us in line with the current Data Protection Laws.
  12. General
    1. WV Active reserves the right to close all, or part of the facilities during bank holiday periods or for essential repairs by providing reasonable notice, or in the event of severe weather conditions. WV Active membership card holders are not entitled to pro rata refunds based on such circumstances.
    2. WV Active reserves the right to operate facilities for the purpose of staging events or organised competitions by providing reasonable notice of any closures or disruption to services. WV Active Membership card holders are not entitled to pro rata refunds on such circumstances.
    3. WV Active reserves the right to make changes to this agreement and when any changes are made they will be displayed at the Facilities. This agreement replace any previous versions.
    4. Facility Booking procedures apply
    5. All Members are required to wear appropriate gym clothing for working out, clothing such as jeans, flip flops, or clothing that could catch in the gym equipment are not acceptable.
    6. You agree to inform us immediately of any changes to your Membership details.
    7. This agreement is governed by English Law
  13. No Smoking Policy
    1. Please note that all of WV Active Facilities operate a strict no smoking policy.
  14. Behaviour Policy
    1. Behaviour that is regarded as unacceptable includes but is not limited to:
      • Excessive shouting
      • Swearing
      • Harassment
      • Bullying
      • Discrimination
      • Threats
      • Violence
    2. Any unacceptable behaviour will be taken seriously and may result in the immediate ejection from the Facility and the permanent exclusion of offenders. Offenders may also be reported to the Police.
  15. Contact details:

    Membership Team
    WV Active – Aldersley
    Aldersley Road
    WV6 9NW

    Aldersley Road
    WV6 9NW

    Bilston – Bert Williams
    Nettlefolds Way
    WV14 0EF

    Bath Avenue
    WV1 4EG

    Premier Sport social media competition:

    1. Competition open until midnight on Sunday 11 February 2018
    2. One entry per person only
    3. Entries through Facebook and Twitter only
    4. Prize is one Premier Sport session suitable for a child aged 5 - 12 years
    5. Three prizes to give away only
    6. The promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend this competition at anytime